Island Fire Trio
Island Fire Trio

Island Fire Trio


Ignite your taste buds with the vibrant and authentic flavours of Jamaica with our carefully curated Island Fire Trio. This collection brings the bold and exotic essence of the island's hot sauces straight to your table, allowing you to savour the tantalizing goodness without even leaving your home.

🌶 Hot Pepper Sauce: Taste of Authentic Jamaica 🌶
Experience true Jamaican heat with our 100% authentic Hot Pepper Sauce. Crafted from simple, natural ingredients - hot peppers, vinegar, and salt - it captures the essence of the island's flavours. No additives, no artificial colours, just pure heat.

🔥 Jerk It Up Sauce: Bold Jamaican Fusion🔥
Elevate your dishes with the bold flavours of Jamaica using our Jerk It Up Sauce. A blend of escallion, red hot peppers, Scotch Bonnet peppers, and spices, it's perfect for meats, veggies, and tofu. Keep it refrigerated to enjoy the exotic taste for ages.

🔥🔥 Hotcha: Double the Island Heat 🔥🔥
For the fearless, Hotcha brings you twice the Jamaican fire. Crafted with ripe Scotch Bonnet peppers, it's a symphony of heat and flavour. Experience the intensity of the island's spice with a touch of water, vinegar, salt, sugar, and a hint of preservatives.

Embrace the "Island Fire Trio" Bundle and savour the essence of Jamaica's culinary spirit. No need to travel - let the flavours transport you.

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